• Facade: Cladding


    The Alta Quartzite is a natural choice for fireplaces and wallcladding outdoors - because it creates a nice feeling and retains the heat well.

    The Alta Quartzite tolerates impact from heat, cold, rain, snow and sun well, and is well suited for covering chimneys, foundation walls, and for fireplaces and barbecues etc. It is a non-combustible material, but not refractory. Traditionally bricks and crazy paving are mainly used for fireplaces, but natural stone walls are also popular. For tighter lines, tiles or larger plates can be used.

  • Natural drywall (brick)


    The natural layers in the Alta Quartzite makes it particularly well suited to masonry. It is beautiful and maintenance free. It can be moved and reused when necessary. Drywall is delivered with natural edge. Traditionally, the quartizite is built with mortar and grout. Stacked like a drywall, it is filled up with concrete or drainage material. We have three varieties of drywall. The smallest one has a depth of 5-20 centimeters and one ton covers approximately 3.5 square meters. The medium sized variant has a depth of 15-40 centimeters and one ton covers approximately 1.5 square meters. The large variant has a depth of 25-45 centimeters and one ton covers approximately 1.3 square meters. See product sheet for more information.

  • Facade: tile


    The Alta Quartzite is very suitable for outdoor facades.

    It is timeless, beautiful and works well in combination with wood, concrete, glass, steel and other materials. A façade with Alta Quartzite is maintenance free and can withstand all weather conditions. The Alta Quartzite creates a vivid expression as it reflects light differently throughout the day and the seasons. Slabs and tiles with sawn edge in various sizes and different thickness intervals as well as bricks, can be used for facades. There are many different mounting and suspension systems.

  • Tiles with paving quality


    We can delvier tiles with paving quality with sawn edges in a wide range of widths and thicknesses.

    Tiles with paving quality give a solid and lively result, and the rough surface makes it slip resistant and safe. The Alta Quartzite can withstand large mechanical stress, in addition to being maintenance free and having an extremely long lifespan. It is therefore widely used in pedestrian streets, on promenades and sidewalks, in parks and other public spaces, on ramps, gardens and courtyards. Tiles with paving quality can be laid in sand, gravel or concrete.

  • Stair treads


    Alta Quartzite is a sturdy material for outdoor stairs. Stair treads from Alta Quartzite blend perfectly into the nature. The slate is anti-slip and has an extremely long lifespan.

    The treads are produced in different sizes and can be thickness adjusted. The combination of treads and risers are many, from thin tread with polished concrete to heavy treads with risers in slate. Outdoor treads have natural surface and sawn edges. Terrain treads are massive and comprise both tread and riser.

  • Natural drywall (brick)


    A natural stone wall in Alta Quartzite creates a nature like environment along the road.

    Natural stone from the quartzite quarries are often used for road construction as road cuts, roundabouts, underground openings, tunnel openings etc. The physical properties of the Alta Quartzite, including frost resistance and resistance to salt and other contaminaton, makes it very well suited to this. In addition, the natural stratification of the slate and the variables in block sizes makes it beneficial when properly stacked. We have two varieties of machine blocks. Natural drywall brick, delivered in bulk, being the biggest. This variety uses approximately two tons per square meter of display surface. The other variety is Natural drywall brick small, delivered on pallet. This can be stacked using a micro digger. This variety uses approximately 1.25 tons per square meter of display surface. More information can be found in the product sheets.

  • Crazy paving


    Crazy paving have irregular form and shape, and are sorted in several thicknesses. They can also be delivered thickness adjusted.

    Crazy paving or flagstones remain unchanged year after year and is almost maintenance-free, with a rough and nonslip surface. Alta Quartzite can withstand large mechanical stresses, and is therefore widely used for walkways, parks and other public places, on ramps, gardens and courtyards. They can be laid in sand, gravel or concrete. We deliver with natural edge, and you can cut them yourself into the desired shape. We have crazy paving of different thickness and size. See product sheet for more information.