• Floor


    Tiles with natural surface for floors inside leave a rough and rustic look.

    The quartzite is warm and comfortable to walk on, and is particularly well suited for bathrooms and pool areas partly because of its slip resistance and the product feature of the slate in relation to water. Alta Quartzite for flooring is normally used with natural surface and is produced in many different sizes; widths, lengths, thicknesses and shapes. The thickness is selected based on the the building foundation, and whether the tiles will be laid in glue or mortar. Alta Quartzite is also available thickness adjusted.

  • Wall cladding

    Alta Quartzite is a natural choice for fireplaces and wall cladding indoors - because it creates a nice touch and feel and keeps the heat well.

    The Alta quartzite is suitable for interior cladding of chimneys, fireplace slate tile and mantelpieces. Quartzite is a non-combustible material, but it is not refractory. Traditionally quartzite bricks and flagstones are mainly used for fireplaces, while natural bricks, providing a rougher edge, are also popular. To get tighter lines, tiles or larger slates can be used.

  • Stair treads


    A staircase of Alta Quartzite provides a solid first impression and adds to the experience of the entire building.

    It is durable and maintenance-free, and can be designed to suit your particular wishes. Most Alta Quartzite stair treads are with natural surface and sawn edges.