Zurface Sweden - exclusive partner for Altaquartzite in Sweden

The Company Altaquartzite has for several years been working with Zurface in Denmark. The companies now choose to take this a step further and start a strong collaboration in the Swedish market. The purpose is to increase the market's awareness of the material and the sales of Altaquartzite in Sweden.

The interest for Natural stone in Sweden has increased significantly in recent years, but there is still some left to reach the scope of other Nordic countries. In Sweden the quartzite is mainly used for paving Projects but the uses are many more. Zurface sees the trend increase for quartzite on facades, roofs, interiors and garden products.

  • The Altaquartzite is known throughout the world for its beauty, strength and high quality. Altaquartzite has a wide range of uses and is suitable for infrastructure projects and gardens and is often combined with other material choices, says John Vegar Holten, CEO of Altaquartzite.

Nordic quartzite and especially Altaquartzite is a material that has very good technical properties and fits well into our Swedish climate. Zurface Sweden's collaboration agreement with Norwegian Altaquartzite also provides a CO2 and cost-effective product in the Swedish market. The slate's properties mean that thicknesses can be reduced, which in turn reduces transport and packaging as well as more efficient laying and assembly.

  • With a common value base and a consensus in climate work, the companies quickly found each other in the discussions. Quartzite is a fantastic building material that provides work environment benefits and a climate effect for transporters thanks to the strength of the material, says Eric Waxin CEO, Zurface Sweden.

Welcome with questions and thoughts! Eric Waxin, Partner, CEO, telephone +46 708 193 500, e-mail eric.waxin@zurface.se