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The mountain and the finger tips

The Alta Quartzite is formed over millions of years, with extreme temperatures and enormous pressure. It is exposed to weather and climate conditions in which only we who live here can truly thrive. It is one of the toughest building materials available, but must be taken out with great caution and care. Often sensitive and experienced hands with hammer and chisel are what it takes.

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A small piece of the Arctic Norway

The Alta quartzite is not something we produce or develop. We retrieve it from the mountain with ancient craft traditions, in just the thickness the shale layers are formed in. However, still not completely untouched. We saw it, so that you get a real piece of mountain to look at, to touch, to walk on. You have made the right choice.

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Boston, Beijing, Barcelona and Bergen

Hard work can move mountains. Alta quartzite has for centuries been used as construction material in large parts of Norway, but it soon became sought after elsewhere in the world as well. Today a third of the slate is exported, and you can find it on many traditional rooftops in the Aosta Valley in Italy, at train stations in the Netherlands and along the boardwalk in Barcelona.

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Forever new

Children's feet on warm floor tiles. Grandma's. Mother's. Your.
The Alta Quartzite is indestructible and unchangeable. Should you wish to extend the garden path - or ceiling or wall, you will find that the new shale has exactly the same color and texture as the old one.